Solar Geoengineering: Should We Be Afraid or Very Afraid? 

I hesitate to blog about this topic because I am no expert on climate. I am, however, an inhabitant of our planet, and I am quite aware that we are in trouble. So, consider this  blog as adding my voice to the alarm bells.  Dire circumstances require dire action. Heard that? I have. And theContinue reading “Solar Geoengineering: Should We Be Afraid or Very Afraid? “


The second season of Valhalla on Netflix started a couple of weeks ago. It has all the incredibly handsome, bloodthirsty men, and occasionally women—including the requisite bloody axes. In this season, those converted to Christianity have driven most of the followers of the old g-ds into exile. I admit being spellbound by the series Vikings,Continue reading “Conjunction”

Old Photos: Why You Should Keep “Stuff”

These bits and pieces help us remember and relive moments in our lives lost to time and memory. They are an antidote to old age, a reminder of a life well lived, and a connection to all those who have passed but are now reinstated in our hearts.