Pulled From the Headlines

I get that other countries, especially those that we have helped cause to fail, become tyrannies, but how do you explain what is happening here in America? I can’t—can you?

Mifepristone, Narcan, and the Politics of Hate in America 2023  

Maybe the social malaise is as simple as the lack of moral leadership worldwide in politics and religion, education, and business. Whatever the reason(s), we are in deep doodoo, and only we can get ourselves out of it! 

Holidays, Football and Hunting

The silly season has passed—starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s celebrations. In many parts of the country, it is also the hunting season, and everywhere it is football playoff season. I can’t help but imagine what the combination of these three factors might produce. The turkey felt cold and dead to the touch;Continue reading “Holidays, Football and Hunting”

The Scariest Man in America

It wasn’t too long ago that I considered Newt Gingrich a candidate for the worst of the worst. A little while later, my more progressive college students considered Dick Cheney to be the most evil man in America—but he managed to raise Lynne Cheney, so he can’t be all bad. Then there were the TrumpContinue reading “The Scariest Man in America”