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I’m a conversationalist, an observer, and a passionate participant in life.

I’ve been a suburban housewife in Miami, a police officer in Atlanta, and an educator in Akron. I volunteered with the UN to help supervise Cambodia’s first democratic elections, and have traveled extensively.

And now, in my later years, I’m a recorder of the lessons of my life through essays, stories, and novels. I live in the fourth moment of life, just outside the normal distribution of most people and it is from this place that I write.

I published the children’s book, The Rescue of Balangoda, (Wiltshire Books, 2016), illustrated by the fourth and fifth graders of Altizer Elementary School in Huntington, West Virginia. The book is available for sale on Amazon.com.

I recently published my first book, the memoir The Fourth Moment, Journeys from the Known to the Unknown (2Leaf Press, 2017), and it’s available for sale on Amazon.com.

While the purpose of the blog is to promote my book, it’s also to share my writing. So tune in from time-to-time to check out my latest blog entries and to find out about my personal appearances promoting The Fourth Moment.


Carole J. Garrison never followed a simple career path. After college and a stint as a suburban house wife and mother in Miami Florida, she joined the Atlanta Bureau of Police Services in the early 1970s as one of a handful of women police officers, but shifted to education after receiving her MPA from Georgia State University’s evening master’s program. During her career as an educator, she did research that highlighted the roles women play in police work, helped launch The University of Akron’s Women’s Studies Program, improved services to women in the city – and went off to Cambodia to help supervise that country’s first democratic election.

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The Fourth Moment

fourth-moment-cover-6x9-FINALThe Fourth Moment: Journeys From the Known to the Unknown is a collection of memoir-essays, snapshots of life’s big and small moments that lie just beyond the forgettable. These experiences bubble up unbidden into consciousness at the witching hour, or nudged into focus by something familiar, perhaps recorded in a locked diary, and if you’re very lucky, shared with someone you love and trust. They lurk, then rear up demanding to be understood, processed and added to the body of knowledge that is both unique to you and part of the universal stream of life—fourth coming.

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Rescue of Balangoda

The Rescue of Balangoda is a children’s book illustrated by the fourth and fifth graders of Altizer Elementary School.

The heart of Rescue of Balangoda is its strong focus on the concept of conservation. It is a fictional story about a pair of intergalactic youngsters who save two species of birds from extinction.

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