Mifepristone, Narcan, and the Politics of Hate in America 2023  

Maybe the social malaise is as simple as the lack of moral leadership worldwide in politics and religion, education, and business. Whatever the reason(s), we are in deep doodoo, and only we can get ourselves out of it! 

The Scariest Man in America

It wasn’t too long ago that I considered Newt Gingrich a candidate for the worst of the worst. A little while later, my more progressive college students considered Dick Cheney to be the most evil man in America—but he managed to raise Lynne Cheney, so he can’t be all bad. Then there were the TrumpContinue reading “The Scariest Man in America”

The Queen of Excess: Staying at a Good Paris Address

Instead, I’ll write about the fear permeating my European friends’ thoughts and fears. The polls and news from the USA predicted a red wave that would create a political tsunami. Trump was announcing a run for president in 2024, and everyone agreed that Biden was too old to hold back the tidal wave. I started to consider not returning home. I had voted early before leaving for France, but maybe I would indefinitely delay my return to the States.

NY Times: “The Rise and Fall of Monkeypox”

According to the New York Times headlines, Monkeypox is all but gone. Are there lessons to be learned? In the Atlanta area, there are two obvious reasons for the rapid decline of Monkeypox. Local public health agencies quickly opened accessible vaccination clinics. The gay community came willingly and appreciative. They came in droves. While we can’t compareContinue reading NY Times: “The Rise and Fall of Monkeypox”

The Rise of the Despicables

Ah, not to worry! We will probably die from climate change before we are destroyed by weapons of mass destruction. If you are as old as me, you probably hope that it doesn’t happen before you leave this life due to natural causes.