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wanderer-coverIn The Wanderer, Carole J. Garrison fulfills her bucket list by meeting with the people who fascinate her and the places that lead her to them. Through her journeys, she explores the unexpected human connections that transform the experience of travel, and she celebrates the gifts of kindness she encounters around the world from the perspective of a solo female traveler. In each new place she visits, the nomadic Garrison keeps company with a cast of fantastic characters, each of whom opens her eyes to new cultural perspectives while inspiring love and laughter. The Wanderer is a heartfelt and honest memoiristic travelogue that invites us into the life and journeys of Garrison. Available Print and eBook. Publication date: November 15, 2020. Available for pre-order at University of Chicago Press.

fourth-moment-cover-6x9-FINALThe Fourth Moment: Journeys From the Known to the Unknown is a memoir by Carole J. Garrison. A child of humble beginnings, Garrison paved the way for herself to accomplish great things, but for her, the journey was far from your typical “rags to riches” tale. Through a series of tragedies and triumphs, blunders and epiphanies, Garrison’s life has been filled with a number of unusual detours from being a suburban housewife in Miami, to becoming a single mom and police officer in Atlanta, to returning to school to become a seasoned ethics and women studies professor in Ohio and Kentucky, to working in Cambodia as it emerged from decades of civil strife, all the while growing into the passionate humanitarian she is today. The Fourth Moment is a remarkable series of recollections from a woman whose experiences cover an extraordinary range of places, people, and interests. Eschewing the formulaic conventions of autobiography, THE FOURTH MOMENT consists of short stories—vignettes—that move back and forth across time and space to describe in vivid detail events and observations from a fascinating life. The stories reflect the acute perceptions of a woman for whom every day is a new adventure and a fresh opportunity to learn. In The Fourth Moment, Garrison reveals truths not always within everyday reach, but certainly within everyday aspirations, something that readers will be able to connect to. Available for sale at University of Chicago Press.

rescue-of-balangoda-coverThe Rescue of Balangoda by Carolyn J. Garrison is a children’s book illustrated by the fourth and fifth graders of Altizer Elementary School. The heart of Rescue of Balangoda is its strong focus on the concept of conservation. It is a fictional story about a pair of intergalactic youngsters who save two species of birds from extinction.

Rescue of the Balangoda is a fun, positive sci-fi narrative, good for younger readers, second through fourth graders who like their planetary journeys on the light side, with more focus on friendship and saving the birds, than technology or bloody battles in space! (But it has enough bad guys, heroes and heroines, and strange alien life forms to keep the most resistant young reader engaged.)

Se-laya’s a determined fighter and her perseverance makes her a good heroine. Ptisic provides the more reluctant male hero, who must overcome ambition and greedy adversaries to do the right thing.  The setting and plot provides a strong framework for the fantastical. As a pair, the fan-eared Se-laya and cobalt blue Ptisic will appeal to lots of young readers. Rescue of Balangoda is available at

Enjoy reading. Save the birds.

This is a great chapter book for kids. The action is fast, and it’s light sci-fi so it has all the stuff today’s kids are interested in without the gore and violence. A fun way to introduce youngsters to the importance of conservation. I highly recommend the story for boys or girls, ages 8 and up. Good stocking stuffer and its nice to know part of the proceeds go to a local elementary school library. ~Amazon Review

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