SHARING THOUGHTS: Two US disasters, the current pandemic and 911 – a decade apart; the world’s response – light years apart. No commentary required.

“Dear Dr. Garrison, it seems not believable that such event could take place in US. I hope that while the historic twin towers of America could be collapsed, the freedom and democracy cannot fall down. The United States is still the main country that can spread the freedom and democracy to all around the world.Continue reading “SHARING THOUGHTS: Two US disasters, the current pandemic and 911 – a decade apart; the world’s response – light years apart. No commentary required.”

Death in the Time of the Pandemic

The day was somber. Heavy clouds scudded across an oyster-gray sky, and a chill north wind blew as friends, bid goodbye to their mother. The service was held virtually as social distancing precluded even the smallest funeral. After a brave, struggle with COVID19, Bertha was scheduled to be released. Instead, the virus, one so deadlyContinue reading “Death in the Time of the Pandemic”

Traveling in the time of Covid19

Upstairs, down and up the big hill behind our house, a quick trip to the local one-person post office, and a bit longer drive to the service window to get a mini Blizzard when it is just too hard to stay confined a second longer. No expensive airplane tickets, no souvenir shopping, hotel rooms orContinue reading “Traveling in the time of Covid19”

Mother’s Day in the time of COVID 19

We sat together for a Mother’s Day cookout, my hamburger lay cooling on the platter. I like my meat rare and hot, they like theirs well done. My son in law takes mine off the grill first so that it does not overcook and so as in the past, I smile because a cold burgerContinue reading “Mother’s Day in the time of COVID 19”


The starlings have moved on. Apparently even West Virginia is too hot for these raucous birds. The finches have claimed dominance over the bird feeders, sharing them with a few jays, mourning doves, and tiny woodpeckers. The grass has started to brown, and plants wilt from the unrelenting heat and sun. Is this a harbingerContinue reading “THE STARLINGS HAVE MOVED ON”

Growing Old, Staying Relevant

Three quarters of a century old. Who among us thought, when we were angsting over turning thirty, that we would face the challenges of being seventy-five or older? When I turned thirty I got a guitar (that I never learned to play), an expensive sports car (that my ex wanted as part of our divorceContinue reading “Growing Old, Staying Relevant”

A Hard Rain

The rain was coming down like a giant rippling curtain, greying out the color of the trees and forcing the birds to take shelter among their branches and the bushes. It wasn’t like a summer thunderstorm, menacing and loud, but more like an ocean of water pouring down in a steady, expansive stream with hardlyContinue reading “A Hard Rain”

Taking the Blackness out of Black

A close friend chided me for writing an editorial in which I referred to the lack of diversity and inclusion of women of color at a recent unveiling of a weaving commemorating Sojourner Truth’s “And Ain’t I a Woman?” speech in Akron, Ohio. Sojourner Truth may have been a woman of color but she wasContinue reading “Taking the Blackness out of Black”