The Queen of Excess: Staying at a Good Paris Address

Instead, I’ll write about the fear permeating my European friends’ thoughts and fears. The polls and news from the USA predicted a red wave that would create a political tsunami. Trump was announcing a run for president in 2024, and everyone agreed that Biden was too old to hold back the tidal wave. I started to consider not returning home. I had voted early before leaving for France, but maybe I would indefinitely delay my return to the States.

There Will Be a Sign

As I try to find inspiration for these blogs and to promote (shamelessly) the release in October of my new book, The Wanderer, I have started to rummage through old travel journals—some dating back fifty years. However, an email resurrected memories from this particular trip and the title of this blog. You might think thatContinue reading “There Will Be a Sign”