My Whole Soul Is in It

I watched the inauguration of Joseph Biden on C-Span to avoid the comments of the spin masters and talking heads. I thrilled to the quotes of Abraham Lincoln, Biden’s own soundbite, “Let us end this uncivil war,” and the beautiful poetry of Amanda Gorman, Youth Poet Laureate. Then I heard a guest on Fox News,Continue reading “My Whole Soul Is in It”

Hiatus or False Security

I have been enjoying listening to the news once more without the constant chatter about our disreputable past president, but recent news articles about GOP leaders cozying up to Trump make me wonder if this is a lull in Trump coverage or a masking of worrisome behavior that has gone dark and secret. It isContinue reading “Hiatus or False Security”

“ALL” is a Four Letter Word

I have taught a class on ethics for police over the course of 36 years, at two different universities, and continue to teach the subject online. With absolute certainty, I can tell you that the vast majority of the students in my classes want to become police officers to help their communities, to help people.Continue reading ““ALL” is a Four Letter Word”

To Sleep or not to Sleep

Bob’s chirp—staccato and loud enough to jar me from my stupor—was followed by her ritualistic head bobbing and a softer, rolling chirping. I lay there, eyes still closed, forcing myself to listen to her gentler song, trying to wake my brain and force myself back into full consciousness. Bob began singing again and playing withContinue reading “To Sleep or not to Sleep”

Dichotomous Thinking

WHEN GIVEN TWO CHOICES, I ALWAYS GO FOR THE THIRD. I doubt that I’m the first to say that, nor do I want to suggest that other people haven’t been pondering the consequences of our dichotomous thinking in the US: like-dislike, friend-unfriend, win-lose, us-them, right-wrong, prochoice-prolife, Republican-Democrat, and now social distancing-opening up the economy. WeContinue reading “Dichotomous Thinking”