Dichotomous Thinking

WHEN GIVEN TWO CHOICES, I ALWAYS GO FOR THE THIRD. I doubt that I’m the first to say that, nor do I want to suggest that other people haven’t been pondering the consequences of our dichotomous thinking in the US: like-dislike, friend-unfriend, win-lose, us-them, right-wrong, prochoice-prolife, Republican-Democrat, and now social distancing-opening up the economy. WeContinue reading “Dichotomous Thinking”


Open letter to Politicians and Their Fundraisers: For the past two years, I have been at work writing my memoir, The Fourth Moment, during which time my email inbox has been inundated with hyperbolic, bogus, unscientific surveys and the inevitable request for money. We need you! Please donate! Respond to Senator ______’s (fill in theContinue reading “WE NEED YOU!”