Traveling in the time of Covid19

Upstairs, down and up the big hill behind our house, a quick trip to the local one-person post office, and a bit longer drive to the service window to get a mini Blizzard when it is just too hard to stay confined a second longer. No expensive airplane tickets, no souvenir shopping, hotel rooms orContinue reading “Traveling in the time of Covid19”

Mother’s Day in the time of COVID 19

We sat together for a Mother’s Day cookout, my hamburger lay cooling on the platter. I like my meat rare and hot, they like theirs well done. My son in law takes mine off the grill first so that it does not overcook and so as in the past, I smile because a cold burgerContinue reading “Mother’s Day in the time of COVID 19”

Musings of a Voter

If anyone thought that Washington (either side) was working on behalf of the nation, just take a look at the aftermath of Pennsylvania Senator Morino’s withdrawal as the nominee for drug czar. “Nobody knew, they fooled us. I don’t know who contributes to my campaigns,” he stated in his defense. Democrats and Republicans. Shame! It’sContinue reading “Musings of a Voter”

Sharing My Writer’s Process

I slapped my empty suitcase onto the bed and looked at my best friend, Marilyn. “What the hell do I pack for a year? Seriously, what have I gotten myself into this time?” Marilyn frowned, slowly shaking her head. “Couldn’t you take the geographical cure somewhere more civilized?” The muscles in my face tightened. “NotContinue reading “Sharing My Writer’s Process”

My First Blog Post

Presidents Trump’s travel bans, his rescinding of former president Obama’s executive order protecting the Dreamers, and promoting the imposition of fees on money sent to Mexican families by persons in the US all speak to his xenophobia or, perhaps more cynically, his attempts to appeal to his “base.” In the story titled “Roaches,” I exploreContinue reading “My First Blog Post”