Mother’s Day in the time of COVID 19

We sat together for a Mother’s Day cookout, my hamburger lay cooling on the platter. I like my meat rare and hot, they like theirs well done. My son in law takes mine off the grill first so that it does not overcook and so as in the past, I smile because a cold burgerContinue reading “Mother’s Day in the time of COVID 19”

With A New Life We Are All Renewed

Tiny round fists poked up through the sweet-smelling new baby blanket as Declan stretched, curved his body, and turned his head before quickly nestling down again into the soft folds of his faux fur covers. Penetrating, almond-shaped, coal-black eyes opened and my grandson looked at me. I babbled some nonsense, holding his attention until, inContinue reading “With A New Life We Are All Renewed”