Traveling in the time of Covid19

Upstairs, down and up the big hill behind our house, a quick trip to the local one-person post office, and a bit longer drive to the service window to get a mini Blizzard when it is just too hard to stay confined a second longer. No expensive airplane tickets, no souvenir shopping, hotel rooms orContinue reading “Traveling in the time of Covid19”

Stress and Strange Behavior

The other day I went over to the local US veterans’ office to volunteer to counsel returning vets on possible school choices. After all, I’ve got thirty-plus years in higher education as a former Criminal Justice department chair, former director of Women’s Studies, and former member of the Defense Department’s committee on women in theContinue reading “Stress and Strange Behavior”

Self-promotion Gets a Bad Rap

Letter from a fellow new writer:Five years ago, shortly after my husband’s sudden accidental death, I alone fulfilled our dream of living a more instinctual life by moving from San Miguel de Allende to a little fishing village on the Pacific coast of Mexico—the site of my story, “The Eleventh Hour,” which was published lastContinue reading “Self-promotion Gets a Bad Rap”

Fracking, Drilling, and Trying to Stay Optimistic

I hope you all know that this blog is intended to encourage you to read The Fourth Moment or suggest it to a friend. The challenge is getting the word out, but I only have one mailing list. I apologize for that. Nevertheless, I want to use this list to encourage you to follow myContinue reading “Fracking, Drilling, and Trying to Stay Optimistic”

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

Take one bright teenager with undeveloped frontal lobes, a victim of early schoolyard bullying that led to anxiety and anger issues, then combine that with video games and indulgent parents to get a recipe for disaster. The drums have been sounding warnings for years, but they get stronger each day as the evidence mounts thatContinue reading “Danger! Danger Will Robinson!”


Open letter to Politicians and Their Fundraisers: For the past two years, I have been at work writing my memoir, The Fourth Moment, during which time my email inbox has been inundated with hyperbolic, bogus, unscientific surveys and the inevitable request for money. We need you! Please donate! Respond to Senator ______’s (fill in theContinue reading “WE NEED YOU!”

Binary Choices

WHEN GIVEN TWO CHOICES, I ALWAYS GO FOR THE THIRD. I doubt that I’m the first to say that, nor do I want to suggest that other people haven’t been pondering the consequences of our dichotomous thinking in the US: like-dislike, friend-unfriend, win-lose, us-them, right-wrong, prochoice-prolife, Republican-Democrat, to name a few. We set up ourContinue reading “Binary Choices”