Old Photos: Why You Should Keep “Stuff”

These bits and pieces help us remember and relive moments in our lives lost to time and memory. They are an antidote to old age, a reminder of a life well lived, and a connection to all those who have passed but are now reinstated in our hearts.  

Ungraceful Aging

“Diet! You’re 80 for g-d’s sakes. Eat what you want.” My son-in-law managed to give me the look, while still watching the road as we drove home. “I want to stay with my wardrobe; now’s not the time to buy new clothes,” I responded. However, I buy new clothes all the time, maybe just notContinue reading “Ungraceful Aging”

If Orchids Are Promiscuous, Philodendra Are Whores

Very little that I write in this blog has anything to do with the title. I have always wanted to write a story using this title but never came up with one. There is, of course, a short history behind it that I will share. The Conservatory at the Huntington Museum of Art is knownContinue reading “If Orchids Are Promiscuous, Philodendra Are Whores”

Stolen Years

Those years are as gone as the water running down the kitchen drain. There are no returns. You can’t recycle them for slightly used ones. And now I’m left with anger at those who could have helped stop the virus in its tracks, but for political and religious ideology, conspiracy thinking, and just plain ignorance, they stole my years as well as the lives of the unfortunate 700,000 American souls who have died.