NY Times: “The Rise and Fall of Monkeypox”

According to the New York Times headlines, Monkeypox is all but gone. Are there lessons to be learned? In the Atlanta area, there are two obvious reasons for the rapid decline of Monkeypox. Local public health agencies quickly opened accessible vaccination clinics. The gay community came willingly and appreciative. They came in droves. While we can’t compareContinue reading NY Times: “The Rise and Fall of Monkeypox”

Stolen Years

Those years are as gone as the water running down the kitchen drain. There are no returns. You can’t recycle them for slightly used ones. And now I’m left with anger at those who could have helped stop the virus in its tracks, but for political and religious ideology, conspiracy thinking, and just plain ignorance, they stole my years as well as the lives of the unfortunate 700,000 American souls who have died.