When Your Shock Absorbers Fail

I chose to make a spontaneous trip to Geneva to surprise an old friend upon her retirement from the International Red Cross and then take a quick hop over to Podgorica in Montenegro to visit another long-time friend, who is beginning a six-month electoral mission with the European Centre for Electoral Support. What could beContinue reading “When Your Shock Absorbers Fail”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I didn’t show up for the tour. It had been on my calendar for a couple of weeks to take college students on a general tour of the Huntington Museum of Art. I’m a docent, and I don’t miss. I missed. I am deeply apologetic, but that won’t change anything. My no-show weekend followed theContinue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Musings of a Voter

If anyone thought that Washington (either side) was working on behalf of the nation, just take a look at the aftermath of Pennsylvania Senator Morino’s withdrawal as the nominee for drug czar. “Nobody knew, they fooled us. I don’t know who contributes to my campaigns,” he stated in his defense. Democrats and Republicans. Shame! It’sContinue reading “Musings of a Voter”

The Thing about Guns

In my current, late-life persona, I find myself making minor, practical decisions to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of our gun-obsessed country and terrorists abroad, as well as from possible terrorist attacks on American soil. I go to matinees at the movie theater, because there are fewer people in the audience. I avoidContinue reading “The Thing about Guns”

Sharing my Thoughts

I was struggling to catch my breath as I climbed the big hill behind my home. My ten-year-old granddaughter, hands on hips, watched me as I finished puffing up to the top. It was an early and perfect fall day, cool and crisp. The sky, empty of clouds and the color of the Mediterranean Sea,Continue reading “Sharing my Thoughts”

Sharing My Writer’s Process

I slapped my empty suitcase onto the bed and looked at my best friend, Marilyn. “What the hell do I pack for a year? Seriously, what have I gotten myself into this time?” Marilyn frowned, slowly shaking her head. “Couldn’t you take the geographical cure somewhere more civilized?” The muscles in my face tightened. “NotContinue reading “Sharing My Writer’s Process”