Sharing my Thoughts

I was struggling to catch my breath as I climbed the big hill behind my home. My ten-year-old granddaughter, hands on hips, watched me as I finished puffing up to the top. It was an early and perfect fall day, cool and crisp. The sky, empty of clouds and the color of the Mediterranean Sea, reminded me of summers in the south of France.

“I love early fall and early spring,” I told Ella.

“I like spring, especially when the leaves begin to bud on the trees,” she replied.

My heart skipped a beat—not from exertion but from her words, which triggered my imagination. Although it was a fall day, I could envision the spring green color of new leaves and new rice in the fields of Cambodia—the color of rebirth!

What does this anecdote have to do with my new book? Nothing. I just wanted to share the moment with you, just as I have shared other moments of my life in the Fourth Moment: Journeys from the Known to the Unknown.

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